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EAST-ADL (Electronics Architecture and Software Technology – Architecture Description Language) is a modeling language for developing industrial scale automotive embedded systems. It covers the specification of vehicle features, functional architectures and hardware architectures — all related to traceable requirements. It has extensions to focus on various concerns within automotive systems, such as verification and validation, dependability and error modeling, as well as timing.

The models of EAST-ADL are structured in abstraction levels, where each sub-model represents the complete embedded system at the relevant level of detail. These levels are vehicle level, analysis level, design level, and implementation level. In Addition EAST-ADL allows a hierarchical presentation of requirements by introducing requirement relationship like “refine” or “derive”.


The course make use of MetaEdit+ tool from Metacase. It is a collaborative development environment which allows engineers to create, edit and browse the various kind of architecture specifications created with EAST-ADL language.

My course is mainly based on practice. We will go in details into a case study : an Intelligent Speed Adaptation driving assistance system. All the various steps will be investigated in-depth : requirements, vehicle project level, vehicle features, functional analysis architecture and functional design (FDA). Then a hardware implementation will be designed and the FDA will be mapped into it.

Program in details on this link

You can download here an extract of our lectures


                   Requirements                                                                  Vehicle features

1st level of abstraction : Functional Analysis Architecture (FAA)

2nd level of abstraction : Functional Design Architecture (FDA)

Hardware implementation : Hardware Design

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