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EAST-ADL training

EAST Architecture Design Language (ADL) was designed for the development of embedded electronic systems in vehicles

EAST-ADL provides a language to describe in a structured way the organization of the different components (hardware or software) constituting an embedded electronic architecture.


Different levels of abstractions are proposed, allowing in particular a clear separation of hardware and software components. EAST-ADL integrates the notion of a platform allowing to describe a vehicle with its variants and options, or even a set of vehicles as being derived from a generic platform.

A preliminary hazard analysis (PHA) and a Dependability can also be developed in accordance with ISO 26262

Finally, EAST-ADL integrates the description of the functional and technical requirements of the system, thus making it possible to verify that the architecture meets all the requirements previously defined.

All data captured in an EAST-ADL description can then be exported to SIMULINK to simulate system behavior or to AUTOSAR for implementation in ECUs (Electronic Control Units) of a real system or other post-processing software (eg. Hi-Hops).

The training uses MetaEdit+ modelling tool from Metacase.

It is mainly based on practice through a case study: a speed limiter that automatically adapts to the authorised speed.

Download here our EAST-ADL flyer

Download here an extract of the lectures.

Find here the program.

Program can be modified "on the fly" during the course


                   Requirements                                                          Vehicles Features

First abstraction lelel : Functionnal Analysis Architecture (FAA)

Second abstraction level : Functional Design Architecture (FDA)

3rd abstraction level: Hardware Design

Architecture (HDA)


Dependency model

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